Thursday, March 25, 2010

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Monday, March 22, 2010

MomSpace Moms on Better Philly

If you missed Better Philly this morning, be sure to check out our video below!
Great baby products and gift ideas for any mom-to-be!


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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sigg 30% off!

Another great deal!! ;)
Be green while saving some green!
Stop using your plastic water bottles today and get a Sigg!
Warmer weather. Blooming flowers. Spring is in the air.
To help celebrate, Sigg is offering 30% OFF some of their most popular designs (for a limited time while supplies last).

Just enter “SPRINGSALE” as the discount code during checkout. This code is valid on select styles and good through March 31, 2010.

Enjoy the outdoors. Stay hydrated.

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Gap 30% off Friends and Family Event~ lasts until Sunday!

I have two new weaknesses, watermelon Rita’s & girl baby clothes! When I was pregnant with B I fully followed the Jewish tradition and didn’t really buy anything for the baby or bring anything into our home. Okay, I bought the necessities like a car seat, swing, and a couple outfits he would need that first week, but I also kept all of the stuff at my parents and in-laws. Well this time I have already gotten carried away! I do blame it on sales… I have stumbled on Babies R Us clearance (buy one clearance item get the second for 99 cents! I mean, who can really pass that up!) And then today the Gap, the 30% off Friends and Family Sale started. I went in seriously with every intention to only buy B a spring jacket (I have been on a hunt to find his same Ralph Lauren jacket from last fall that was the best and I can not find it anywhere.. but that’s another frustrating story….ugh!)

I ended up with a TON of baby clothes!! I hope my husband isn’t reading this, he is a little more superstitious then I am. He knows I have bought some stuff but I have everything in my closet and he hasn’t wanted to really see any of it yet, nor do I think he is that into these little dresses and bloomers. Well all the baby stuff was super on sale, $4 for most dresses! & that was before the extra 30% off!! (Plus 5% goes to a non-profit of your choice!!) It was great, I was on a roll, buying outfits for newbaby, stuff for my new twin nieces, and my other friends babies when I was even cut short by Brody’s crankiness… (Matt was probably sending him subliminal messages!) I will make sure to go back before Sunday b/c you can use the 30% as many times in-store as you want before the 21st.
If you haven’t received the Friends and Family email, send me your email and I can forward it to you!
Either comment with your email below or email it to me at:

Gap Give & Get Program
You save 30% off during this Friends & Family Event
You can invite other friends & family &
You can also designate a non-profit to receive 5% of the amount you and your Friends & Family spend.

4 days ONLY! Today through Sunday, March 21st

You can use in-store or online at Gap, Gap Outlet, Banana Republic, Banana Factory Stores, and Old Navy.

You can present the email as many times as you like in-store, and the code for online shopping can be used once.

*** If you would like me to send you the Friends & Family email, just make a comment below with your email or send your email to***

Enjoy!!! ;)

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Friday, March 12, 2010

The Fresh Market

How many times a week do you encounter workers at a store or an office who are just horribly rude? They make you so mad and all I ever think is “Get a NEW job that you are not dealing with the public!!!” You get so upset and sometimes even cry (okay, maybe that is just pregnant me...)

But then there are those few people who you may come across that go above and beyond… and sometimes the tiniest gesture just makes you feel so great.

Well, I’ll start with that I have become obsessed with the Fresh Market in Willow Grove/Horsham. It is my new favorite store and I get so excited when I have a doctor’s appointments (which are every 2 weeks now and soon to be every week) because their office is right up the street from the Fresh Market, so Brody and I venture to that shopping center after EVERY appointment. I just love the set up, the fruit is so fresh, there is classical music playing, samples by the dessert case… it really doesn’t get much better then the Fresh Market. (I wish we had one in Newtown, I would be there every day)!

Yesterday they even exceeded my already high expectations… I also bring Brody in his stroller (b/c it is usually around his nap time and I am already pushing him to the limit, so I figure I should at least let him be comfortable.)
I stuff the bottom of the stroller with all the fruits, veggies, & dinner for that night, and every single time I am trying to maneuver my way up to pay with at least five items falling out of my hands (one of those items always is a little baggy of Sunkist Fruit Gems… which can I tell you~ you can pick the flavors you want!!!! This is just my all time favorite part of our shopping trip, as I gather an entire little bag of red ones! ;)

Well, the woman, actually girl at the register jumped to help me with my items… checked me out… and even said she would help me to the car! (I’m sorry, but this NEVER happens! Maybe at Maccaffery’s sometimes they ask if I need help to the car, but this girl wouldn’t even let me say no, I’m ok, she already had ALL of my bags!) Such a simple little thing but seriously it meant so much to me being pregnant and struggling with all of the bags of groceries! She fully carried them all to my car, (which was parked not so close too… more in front of Babies R Us) she was so nice to Brody and I, and asked about him as she unloaded all the groceries in my car! I think I was so in shock because I am actually used to people being surprisingly rude (especially when you have an “energetic” 21 month old, and some people even seem to be annoyed with pregnant people too….
I just wish there were more nice people like this girl….
I also feel so bad because when I got home and was telling my husband about her, he asked if I tipped her and I didn’t even think of it! Luckily I will be back there next week (after my doctor’s app) so I hope to see her again and definitely give her a tip this time.

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Want a Date Night TOMORROW night???

Kids Night Out THIS Saturday, March 13th from 5 pm - 8 pm

Every kid deserves a special night out...and so do you!
That's why Romp n Roll created Kids Night Out.
Parents get an evening to themselves while your kids get to enjoy 3 hours of Rompin' n' Rollin' fun with our energetic instructors, enjoy a fabulous Pizza Dinner and finish the evening with an awesome craft!
A perfect evening indeed...

- For children 2-6 years old (and they do NOT need to be potty trained!)

- Dinner includes Pizza & Juice

- A minimum of two instructors are present at all times

- Children have access to our typical gym equipment, PLUS our fabulous Moon Bounce!

Cost - $20 for first child / $15 per additional siblings

Willow Grove Romp n Roll
2856 W Moreland Road
Willow Grove, PA 19090


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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Card Cubby

I like to think of myself as being organized (maybe it’s organized chaos but anyway), now while my husband would disagree, he would have to admit I am always looking for little ways to be even more organized. I do have a lot of “stuff” and I like to attempt to keep it order. For some reason since becoming a mom I have become a little obsessed with discount/frequent buyer cards and coupons. My wallet is stuffed and busting at the seams. I have a ton of gift cards all over our house that I am always trying to find and use. I bought a plastic “coupon holder” that I was using, that is until the little button broke off and it started falling apart.
I just received the Card Cubby. This card organizer is adorable!! It is perfect for a mom like me! Credit cards, gift cards, and frequent buyer cards (like my Cosi & Babies R Us cards) fit perfectly inside and I can also fit cash, coupons, and my iPhone! Now I can have everything organized so I am not digging through my purse in the checkout line looking for the card or coupon I need. There is also a clear pocket on the outside, perfect for your Drivers License and alphabetized card files inside to keep your gift cards and coupons in order (Yay! Even more organized!) There is even a little zippered pocket on the inside for all my lose change.
The Card Cubby has become my little perfect option and has basically replaced my wallet! I use it all the time now, it is great to just throw in my gym bag too (instead of bringing my big bulky wallet), or in the stroller when I don’t need my entire purse.
The Card Cubby comes in so many cute designs and colors and it is really durable so it won’t start to break or fall apart like a cheap plastic coupon holder.
The Card Cubby is a great gift item (I will definitely be buying more for my friends!) and even better you can buy one for only $17.99!! (The prices range from $17.99-$21.99 or $24.95 for the Coupon Cubby.)

You can purchase the Card Cubby directly from their website at:

I have a material connection because I received a review copy (book, CD, software, etc.), or an item of nominal value that I can keep for consideration in preparing to write this content.

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