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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

First Post

Hi, I'm Dan Kristie, a reporter for the Daily Local. On this blog you'll find two things:

1) Observations that didn't make it into my articles.

2) Questions - In an attempt to get some interesting discussions going, I'll periodically ask readers to comment on issues that face the county. You can comment by clicking on the comment link you see below each post. Because I don't want anyone to be needlessly embarrassed or hurt by the comments, I'll be moderating them. I promise, though, that I won't be a censor. I want all views reflected.

I also want to point out that a lively local news-oriented blogosphere is forming in Chester County. In addition to the blogs on the Daily Local website, there are:

* Mr. Tredyffrin and Friends - An anonymous group of bloggers who comment on issues facing Tredyffrin Township

* West Chester Jim - By Jim Jones, the Borough Councilman who represents West Chester's 6th Ward

* Tredyffrin Township Political Notebook - By John Petersen, a former Tredyffrin Township supervisor who has been involved in Tredyffrin politics for a few years

* Watching Phoenixville - The name explains it.

* Life in Phoenixville - Karen Johns comments on municipal matters and more.

There are other blogs I'm forgetting or don't yet know about. Please tell me of them.

And check back every day for posts.


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