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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tricky, tricky

Although both Democratic candidates for West Chester mayor talked last week about trying to get Republicans to write them in - there are no Republican mayoral candidates, so whoever gets the most Republicans to write them in will end up on the Republican ballot in November - it appears only Carolyn Comitta went through with this plan. Here's her "sample ballot.

But look at the bottom of the ballot! Comitta has recommended that Republicans vote for all four of the Democratic School Board candidates - even Lisa Samuel, who was not on the Republican ballot. The other three Democrats cross-filed, which means their names appeared on both the Republican and Democratic primary ballots.

I wonder if any Rs took the bait. One didn't: Matt Holliday, a Republican and Comitta supporter, was handing out these ballots. But he was ripping the bottom portion off, so that Republicans would not get confused. The other Comitta campaign workers I encountered today (all Democrats) left the bottom portion on.

There seemed to be few Republicans at West Chester Borough polls (I'll check the official numbers once the returns come in). And most of the ones I talked to said that they did not plan to write in a Democrat's name for mayor. Still, I wonder of Comitta will be able to get herself on the Republican ballot.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Carolyn is greatful for the Democratic support she received during this campaign. She worked very hard, going door to door to get to know the residents, to listen to their concerns and to share her vision. She also has many Republican supporters who know her and appreciate her fairness nd open mind. She will be a great mayor for West Chester and I expect her to be on the Democratic and Republican ballot in November.

May 19, 2009 10:39 PM 

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