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Sunday, January 24, 2010


This was certainly a tough loss, and we'll get into the whole 2-1 debacle in tomorrow's edition of the Daily Times, delving into penalties that weren't, goals that weren't and a loss that shouldn't have been.

But for now, I want to take this time to give you the rundown of an on-ice incident that goes well-beyond gamesmanship and really is about as unsportsmanlike as it gets.

In the third period, with a scrum piling on top of Scott Hartnell, who always seems to be in the middle of such things, Arron Asham skated over to try to pull Matt Cooke off of his teammate.

Asham grabbed Cooke, his gloved hand getting near Cooke's mouth.

Cooke responded by biting down - hard. Asham lost his cool and tried to get at Cooke, but officials kept them apart.

Both went to the penalty box for roughing, and when they came out, Asham tried to lure Cooke into fighting, but Cooke ducked him.

Afterwards, Cooke and teammate Craig Adams joked that if Scott Hartnell didn't bite Kris Letang earlier this season (remember that?) than Cooke didn't bite Asham.

But you should have seen Asham's finger. It was certainly chewed.

Asham didn't have many kind words to say about Cooke, calling him "gutless" "a chicken" and "garbage" among other things.

Look for a blow by blow to be posted on later tonight and in the print edition tomorrow.

And, look for the final meeting of the season between the two teams - March 27 in Pittsburgh - to be nasty.

Finally, with the Pens having now won 4-out-of-5 games against the Flyers this season, despite Philadelphia outplaying them in at least three, if not four of the games, coach Peter Laviolette was asked why, when the team is doing everything right, they still can't beat Pittsburgh. His response?

"We will when it counts," he said.

Anyone else know deep down these two will meet in the playoffs again this year?


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