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Thursday, January 3, 2008


For all of his tough talk, Sean Hannity has proven that he is just that…ALL TALK! The right-wing extremist war loving, kill all the "terrorists" showed how tough he was when he ran into some Ron Paul supporters.
In New Hampshire Sean Hannity flees from Ron Paul supporters after being chased out of a resturant because Congressman Paul was banned from the FOX New Hampshire Debate.

I don't know a lot about Ron Paul but anyone whose supporters can run off the "fearless" Sean Hannity makes me smile.
I wonder if Sean ran over to Ann Coulters house to protect him. I can see him curling up in the fetal position sitting in Ann's lap crying "Mommy...Sean scared!"
You're a true punk Hannity.

I hope you also enjoy the pic of "Mr. Ultra Conservative" Sean Hannity hanging at the Bunny Ranch. That's a fine establishment wouldn't you say Sean. I didn't think that prostitution was apart of Hannity's America....then again look at who talks tough on the tv & radio but flees when being confronted.

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