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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sometimes things change, but nothing really changes

It is nice to see the country progressively moving forward in regards to race relations. Thinking back to the Civil Rights movement and now we have elected an African-American President – it truly speaks volumes about how far we as a society have come. But for all the good....there is bad. Thanks Mississippi.
A controversy has erupted at a Mississippi junior high school over allegations that a bus driver and a coach threatened students with punishment for saying Barack Obama's name.

The incidents became public when outraged parents called the studios of WAPT news in Pearl, Miss. Some said their children were threatened by a bus driver with being written up and taken to the principal's office, others that their children were told by a girls' basketball coach they would be suspended.

Reginald Simpson, a student at Pearl Junior High, explained that when students on the bus started saying, "Obama is our president," the bus driver told them she didn't want to hear his name. One kid said, "This is history woman," and according to Simpson, "She pulled over and kicked me and the kid off the bus." They were left waiting at the high school and later taken to their own school.

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