Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mercer County Republicans Endorse Chris Christie

PARSIPPANY – Chris Christie’s campaign for Governor continued its momentum today, announcing an impressive list of Mercer County Republican elected officials and municipal chairs who have endorsed Chris Christie.

Congressman Chris Smith heads the list. Smith said, “Chris Christie and I share a commitment to protecting the most vulnerable in society including victims of human trafficking, pornography, forced labor and other crimes and horrific human rights abuses. He is a strong and innovative leader and as Governor, Chris Christie will fight for what is just and right for the people of New Jersey.”

“Chris Christie is a tested leader who will bring aggressive, common-sense solutions to reform the way business is done in Trenton,” said Senator Bill Baroni. “We’re all tired of hearing that the problems of our state are too big to solve or that Trenton is too broken to fix. I’m supporting Chris because I know his bold plans will produce real results for Mercer County and our state.”

“Our message of change is resonating with the voters of New Jersey. Our Mercer County team, led by Congressman Smith, Senator Baroni, and Chairman Wesley, shows that our momentum is building as we talk about solutions – instead of excuses – to get our state back on track,” said Christie.

Please stay tuned for another release tomorrow as part of the campaign's 30 Days of Good News.


Congressman Chris Smith

State Senator Bill Baroni

Mercer County Republican Chairman Roy Wesley

Republican State Committeewoman Janice Mintz

Former Mercer County Executive Robert Prunetti
Former Mercer County Freeholder Michael Angarone
Former Mercer County Republican Chairman Philip Angarone
Former Mercer County Republican Chairman John Hansbury

East Windsor Township Municipal Chair Al Grupper

Ewing Township Mayor Jack Ball
Ewing Township Councilman Donald Cox
Ewing Township Municipal Chair Maria Bua

Hamilton Township Mayor John Bencivengo
Hamilton Township Council President Dennis Pone
Hamilton Township Councilman Thomas Goodwin
Hamilton Township Councilman David Kenny
Hamilton Township Councilman Kevin Meara
Hamilton Township Municipal Chair Frank Ragazzo

Hightstown Borough Mayor Robert Patten
Hightstown Borough Municipal Chair Ashley Hutchinson, Esq.

Hopewell Township Municipal Chair Jean Gianacaci

Lawrence Township Councilman Robert Bostock
Lawrence Township Councilman Rick Miller
Lawrence Township Municipal Chair John Hartman

Robbinsville Township Mayor David Fried
Robbinsville Township Council President Christine Ciaccio
Robbinsville Township Councilman David Boyne
Robbinsville Township Councilman Rich Levesque

Trenton Municipal Chair Sylvester “Bobby” Bryant

West Windsor Township Council President Charles Morgan
West Windsor Township Councilwoman Linda Geevers
West Windsor Township Municipal Chair Lois Morgan, Esq.


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