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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

New species discovered in the Congo

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Six new species, including a bat and two frogs, have been discovered in Democratic Republic of the Congo in an eastern area off limits to scientists for decades because of violence, a wildlife group said on Tuesday.
The New York-based Wildlife Conservation Society said researchers conducted a survey of a remote forested region just west of Lake Tanganyika between January and March.
"If we can find six new species in such a short period it makes you wonder what else is out there," said researcher Andrew Plumptre.
The new species discovered were a bat, a rodent, two shrews and two frogs.The area had been off limits to scientists since 1960 because of instability. The team also included researchers from the Field Museum in Chicago, the National Centre of Research and Science in Lwiro and the World Wildlife Fund.
The statement said the forest was extremely rich in biodiversity, containing a large number of chimpanzees, buffalo, elephants, leopards and monkeys.
Around 10 percent of the plant samples collected have yet to be identified.


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