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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sounds like a job for us

PHOENIX - Worried that new pair of high-fashion jeans may just make your butt look fat? Now shoppers in one upscale Scottsdale store can check it out for themselves before someone else makes the observation — using the Butt Cam, a camera positioned just so that's connected to a video screen on a dressing room wall.

The cameras at Hub Clothing illustrate what many already know — the most important test of a great pair of jeans is how they look from behind.

Hub, which sells mens and womens jeans for between $135 and $900, rolled out the cameras this week, and already they've created a buzz.

"It gives you a perspective that you can't find any other way," said Kip Merritt, a 50-year-old interior designer who was checking himself out in front of the camera. "What other choices do you have? A three-way mirror?"


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