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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Dancing in your underpants for money

MILWAUKEE - Bust out the boxers, shake what nature gave you, and you might be the $5,000 winner of Jockey's UnderWars. The Kenosha-based maker of intimate apparel is sponsoring an online competition for adults to post videos of themselves dancing in their drawers.
Aspiring exhibitionists have until Nov. 15 to upload their videos. The competition will be capped at 32 participants, who will be randomly divided into tournament brackets and will advance based on online votes.
Dancers — alone or in groups — are given plenty of freedom to be creative, as long as men are wearing boxers or briefs and women are wearing panties. Males and females can also wear T-shirts or jackets, as long as their skivvies — of any brand — are partially visible.
"We're trying to keep it clean," said Patty McIntosh, the Internet marketing manager for Jockey International Inc., "The bottom line is, we're just letting people do their thing and have fun."
Because of copyright concerns, dancers have to choose from one of 16 musical clips on the Jockey Web site. The selections range from a 45-second pulsing tango to a 3 1/2-minute techno blast.
For people who don't want to compete in the UnderWars tournament but still want to know whether they're better than their friends at shaking their moneymakers, the site also offers head-to-head challenges for Web surfers to judge.
In the three weeks since the site was launched, there have been about 35 individual matches.
"Those winners don't get money, but they do get bragging rights," McIntosh said.
One participant featured in the Web site's Main Match on Monday was BustAmove, a man wearing sunglasses, a white T-shirt and black briefs with white polka dots. The one-minute video shows him dancing on the roof of a bar, a clip that is at once entertaining and slightly disturbing.
The idea for the Web site evolved from a separate Jockey site launched earlier this year as a way to increase brand awareness among the high school and college set. The site,, features a man and woman each demonstrating 15 amusing ways to furtively adjust one's undergarments in public.
"Both sites are targeted toward a younger demographic," McIntosh said. "We've just introduced ourselves to this audience — now we're starting to learn a lot about them."
The early entrants in the UnderWars tournament are seen dancing alone, most in a bedroom or bathroom. But to win the $5,000 prize, Jockey spokesman Mo Moorman speculates the challengers will need more than spiffy dance moves and the looks of a supermodel.
"This is a lighthearted site — sexy's not going to take it," he predicted. "You'll have to have the whole package."


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