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Friday, November 16, 2007

Dog saves man, dies in fire

CARTER LAKE, Iowa - Bryan Smith has pictures of his dog in his coat pocket, a reminder of the pet that sacrificed itself to save him from his burning house.
It was Tuesday night when Storm jumped on the slumbering Smith and alerted him to the growing smoke and flames outside his bedroom.
Smith says he grabbed his curtains, wet them for a mask and grabbed his puppy Daisy while the older dog ran ahead.
It was the last time Smith saw Storm.
The man ran to a neighbor's home to call the Fire Department and noticed too late that Storm had not escaped.
Smith says he nearly lost his own life going back for Storm. Two Carter Lake firefighters had to pull him out the back door, where he collapsed while trying to save his pet.
"I know it was stupid, but ... people with pets understand," he said.
Smith is mourning the loss of Storm but also is counting his blessings. His childhood home was insured, the garage was saved and his children were staying overnight with a relative.
Now Smith is clinging to the only things he has left to remind him of his hero — a few photographs and memories.
Smith recalls the time he met Storm seven years ago, when he rescued the dog from owners who he says were feeding her peroxide. Smith says that memory may best explain why Storm gave up her life to alert him of the fire.
"She was returning the favor, I guess," Smith says.


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