Monday, March 8, 2010

City receives $80,000 grant

The city recently received notification about an $80,000 federal stimulus grant from the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency.

The grant will be put toward salaries for Weed and Seed program coordinators.

The idea behind the Weed and Seed program with the state’s Commission on Crime and Delinquency is to weed out criminal activity and plant community programs to prevent future. The funds can be used to address issues like drugs, violent crime, unemployment or illiteracy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How will these funds help prevent unemployment?
This is nice having the weed and seed program back, so now can we have our animal control reinstated?

March 9, 2010 10:33 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree totally with the first comment. When will there be an animal control officer? I cannot take my dog out on the street, I cannot let my child play in my yard for the owners of pitt bulls and other mean aggressive animals in the streets of the east end of the town.

In addition to a animal control officer, can we have police officers walk the streets? If they did, perhaps they would see these animals as the residents encounter them on a DAILY basis.

It is very tiring to pay taxes for a home that you are a prisoner in. We all need to take turns going to council with a plea each and every session to get rid of non essential jobs (did we get a new webpage yet? a newsletter? new information on the news channel?) and get someone that control the animals that run the streets and some of the people that still feel the need to attempt to control the streets with these nasty aggressive animals.

Please Mr. Reed and current council, do something about this. Oh and weed and seed folks too.

March 9, 2010 2:06 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,
Just some comments. First what does the $80,000 grant have to do with preventing unemployment? I don't get the question. The $80k we're getting can't be used for that purpose. The fact that we're getting anything actually surprises me due to the level of mismanagement of the Weed and Seed. How did we go from being one of the best examples of the Weed and Seed to the 13th out 15th requesters of funds? Now one of the ways we could get the SPCA person back is via the Rainy Day fund that City Council talked about last night. It's the interest we make off the Trust fund that needs to go into an account that we can pull when needed. So to your question we can use some of this money to get this money or we could eliminate the Public Relations position of $48,000 a year effective immediately and then use that money for the animal control officer.
Second thing - lay off the pit bulls ok? I have one and it seems that they are anti-Christ for all things bad about dogs. They're not - go to any trainer and ask them which kinds of dogs are the worst and they'll tell you that pits aren't number one. A bad dog usually gets it's behavior from a bad owner. Are there a lot of pit bulls in Coatesville? Yes - are all of them bad - NO. Find me a bad dog and I'll find you a bad owner that didn't train or beat the dog. I have my dogs licensed penned, and have their shots up to date and by the way I live in the East End as well.
Lastly if I can make a suggestion - if you have complaints come to council and address them. Writing them here gives you an avenue to vent but little else. Sign in under non-agenda items and bring up your points. The more people who complain the more Council sees the urgency. If they don't then we of course have a chance to remove some of them in 2011 when their terms are up.

March 9, 2010 9:53 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, sometimes venting does help.

In this age of identity theft, when you sign in to speak at our council meetings, your name and address is posted in the approved meeting minutes. I don't know about anyone else....not that I have anything to hide, but "if" someone was looking for me, there I pop up name and address on the internet. Totally not necessary.

And the police are doing a great job, but "if" one of the bad dogs decides to chew on you while you walk to the store for instance; what's the response time for them to arrive? Uh, 911...there's a mean dog chewing on my child's leg. Can you send help soon please? It's difficult at best to describe my anger that this is still the norm around here. Walk around my friend, they walk them up and down the streets with the big huge almost tow chains on them. Or they just amble up the streets all by themselves.

Enough venting for the evening. Heaven help us all. Who's seat is up for grabs in 2011?

March 10, 2010 6:15 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Council approved at a previous meeting that citizens do not have to give their address anymore at the meetings.

March 11, 2010 9:41 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The weed and seed money provides part time jobs through many of the projects it supports. That money goes directly into the community.

March 12, 2010 6:27 AM 

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