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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Conversations Outside Voter Services

I spent yesterday afternoon standing outside the Chester County Voter Services Office, talking to people who had just changed their registration to Democrat. (Yesterday was the deadline to change party affiliation in order to participate in the Hillary/Obama primary)

Only a small bit of what people said was included in my article. Here are some interesting comments that didn't make the cut.

"I'm supporting Obama because I think it's time to have a president that looks like our enemy," said Judy Giblin, a former Republican from East Caln. "Does that sound bad? I think our enemies will trust us more if we're not so white-white."

"I can't say that Bill isn't part of the reason I'm supporting Hillary," said Sandy Lansidel, a former Independent from West Goshen. "I wasn't sure whether to vote for her or Obama until lately, but that church thing put me over the top."

"Don't tell my husband, but I'm supporting Hillary," said Diane, a former Republican from West Whiteland. (She asked me not to use her last name.)

Diane said she'd "wait and see" whether it was worth re-registering as a Republican after the primary.

"I've got to keep peace in the family," she said.

A warning to Diane: voter services WILL send you a new voter registration card. And it won't come in an unmarked envelope.


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