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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What to do about dangerous dogs

Pit Bulls have their defenders. The other day I saw a Pit Bull bumper sticker that read, "Dog fighting: punish the breed, not the deed." But weren't Pit Bulls bred specifically for dog fighting?

In Devon last month, two Pit Bulls somehow got loose. They approached a man who was walking his dog and immediately attacked the dog. When the man tried to defend it, they attacked him. The dog died later that night of a spinal cord injury.

Since then, authorities in Tredyffrin have been trying to come up with a response. But it seems they don't have the power to order that the dogs be euthanized or removed from the neighborhood.

The pit bulls' owner, Joel Harden, has been repeatedly fined for the trouble his dogs have caused. But the punishment seems not to have gone beyond this.

While I don't think the government should say, "You cannot own Pit Bulls," it wouldn't be a bad idea to give local authorities more power quarantine or euthanize dangerous dogs.

In Palm Beach, Fla., authorities apparently have the power to give owners of dangerous dogs the option of removing their dog from the community or having it euthanized. A former Chesco resident sent me this article about a recent case in Palm Beach.

I have absolutely no sympathy for dangerous dogs or their owners. What's to prevent those dogs from attacking and killing small children? Unlike some of the animal rights extremists I've met, I think a human life is infinitely more important than the life of an animal.


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