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Thursday, August 7, 2008


There was bonusgate. Now there's reformgate.

At least in the 157th district.

The Republican candidate, Guy Ciarrochi, is criticizing Paul Drucker, the Democrat, for not calling for Democratic House Majority Leader Bill DeWeese to step down. Meanwhile, Drucker is criticizing Ciarrocchi for being a copycat - the Republican sent around a list of reforms the day after Drucker unveiled his PennCPR reforms.

Yup. This is gotcha politics.

Gotcha - I had the reforms first!

Gotcha - you won't call for DeWeese to step down right this moment!

(For the record, I don't think either of these is a big deal. Of course both candidates want to be out there with lists of reforms. And because Republicans weren't the first targets of the attorney general's investigation, Ciarrochi hasn't been put in the position of having to decide whether to call for the resignation of a prominent member of the Republican caucus.)

So, we must ask, is this reformgate bickering is really helping voters?

I'm convinced it isn't.

The candidates should be talking about where they stand all of the, you know, issues.

That'll come out in the debates, if Drucker ever agrees to them.

Until then, let's give reformgate a rest.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a regular reader of local papers and a few blogs about politics in Tredyffrin. I just have to put down my thoughts over the clear bias of all media so far in this race.

Paul Drucker from the beginning of his candidacy, talked about reforming Harrisburg. This was even before Bonusgate. People should care about it because taxpayer money is being used inappropriately.

Paul Drucker introduced a reform package with many other candidates. He did so in a public way. He never once attacked his opponent doing it.

Guy, a few days later, went into attack mode. In fact, as I see in a previous comment on this blog, when you go to Guy's site under Ethics Reform, all it is is an attack on Paul. He clearly rushed out his own reform plan and then started attacking.

Voters will see through this. Guy did not announce his reform package in a public way. In fact, it is not even on his website! He then immediately started attacking Drucker on Deweese, simply to score political points.

I can't understand how everyone, including you, Dan, can't see through this. I realize reporters need to remain neutral, but the facts are the facts.

As far as debates, Drucker has no obligation to let Guy set the schedule. There is a time and place for debates and Drucker has every right to respond to legitimate requests, such as one from the League of Women Voters, and every right not to respond to requests, such as one from his opponent. For you to say "if he ever agrees to them" is totally unfair.

I have lived in Tredyffrin Township for a long time. I consider myself a moderate voter. I am voting for Paul Drucker because I believe he is running for the right reasons, and because Guy is far too extreme. I notice Guy does not list on his website that he was the director of the Bush/Cheney campaign in 2004 for the entire state of Pennsylvania. I wonder why that is? He is trying to hide his extremely conservative, right-wing, Rick Santorum ties from the public. Shame on him.

If he can't be honest about his own background, how can we expect him to be honest about anything else?

August 8, 2008 9:59 AM 

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