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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Comitta is likely to be West Chester's new mayor

West Chester had a Philadelphia-style mayoral primary today. Two Democrats were running. No Republicans were running. And the borough's Republican leadership has said it is unlikely a Republican mayoral candidate will emerge between now and November.

Since Carolyn Comitta beat Bill Scott in the Democratic primary, she will, in all likelihood, be the next mayor.

Barring a quixotic, off-the-ballot run by Scott or a vicious recount.

Here are the unofficial returns.

Comitta: 515 votes, or 50.99 percent

Scott: 492 votes, or 48.71 percent

Now, the mystery result:

Republican write-in: 236, or 100 percent.

Both candidates said they would try to get Republicans to write them in, although only Comitta appears to have targeted campaign literature to Republicans (see last post).

I am extremely curious to know who these write-in candidates were. Will Carolyn end up on the Republican ballot too? Will Scott, a diehard Democrat, find that he is now running as a Republican?

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