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Friday, October 2, 2009

Chester County Rants: Misattributions and irresponsible blogging

A few people have recently called my attention to Chester County Rants, a blog that, they say, is beating the Daily Local when it comes to covering the West Chester Area School Board race.

A clarification: Chester County Rants is not actually covering the school board race. Rather, it is engaging in highly partisan attacks against the Republican candidates. Many of these attacks use my articles and blog posts as sources.

My work was intended to expose an interesting rift in the Chester County Republican Party. The Rants blogger or bloggers apparently wish I had taken a different approach. One post even attributes to me two paragraphs that I did not write.

My February 24, 2009 entry , which treats the American Sheepdogs' opposition to the West Chester East High School Gay-Straight Alliance Day of Silence, ends:

"Other criticisms aside, I don't think it's only the radical left that believes "being gay is acceptable behavior.""

On Chester County Rants, my Feb. 24 entry is quoted in full. But, in the Rants version, my post ends:

"Other criticisms aside, I don’t think it’s only the radical left that believes “being gay is acceptable behavior.”

"Ask yourself this question, do you want your child to be attacked for being who they are?

"Adsett, Carpenter, Pimley, and Wingerter are so Right Wing, So Wrong for our schools!"

This addition is highly irresponsible and suggests that those who run Chester County Rants are short on integrity.

In fact, Rants engages in borderline plagiarism. The post that this misquotation is from makes my writing appear, at first, as if it is the work of one of the Rants bloggers.

The Rants post does not begin with: "Here's an interesting blog post written by Dan Kristie." Rather, it launches, without quotation marks, directly into my post.

The only indication that the text of the post was not written by the Rants contributor is this "citation," which appears at its end:

(, Daily Local News blog: Tuesday, February 24, 2009)

This is barely a citation. It does not contain my name or the name of my blog. And, though it is not required to do so, it does not contain a link to my blog.

Yet, it quotes my post in full and sneakily adds two paragraphs.

I invite Chester County Rants to respond.



Blogger Admin said...

Daily Local Dan
First of all, glad I saw your post to comment on, if it wasn't in our analytics would not have seen, did not know you had a blog. Another thing, if you read about chester county rants in the page section, you will see we post rants from everyone, we do what the Daily Local would never do, which is give everyone a chance to speak, not just certain people or groups. I will admit our mistake in not always putting from concerned resident in our rants, which I will go back and do now. I can assure you any rants we do, we do not take from you or the Daily Local, we have never, ever, used your articles. These are sent in by many others, if we would use anything from your blog, we would leave a link to read full article. We can not stop others who read your blog and send us rants.
Thank You Chester County Rants

October 2, 2009 4:36 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love it when uneducated people attempt to knock someone down and make complete fools of themselves. ChesterCiuntyRants is just another attempt, for these people, to whine.

October 3, 2009 5:39 AM 
Anonymous Chester County Rants said...

Dan We Have responded please see
Daily Local Dan

If you read the About Chester County Rants page, you will see we submit rants and rent pages for anyone who wishes to get their point or information out. We should have made that more clear, obviously. We have added, which we did not feel we had to that the people submitting these rants are concerned parents and residents in the West Chester, Chester County area. They feel strongly about this and are submitting what they believe to be true. We have also searched and the pictures and articles are out there. If a parent or resident chooses to use your links in their Rants, we put that in there, if the person clicks on the link they can read the full post, that is not our problem. We leave out personal info which many times we recieve such as email addresses etc, hate, profanity, we do our best to moderate and get the truth. If we find something completely false we will not print. So far that has not been the case! How a parent reads your paper is not up to Chester County Rants, I can tell you , we have put nothing in any of our post on our own regarding your blog or paper.

Hope this helps chestercountyrants

October 3, 2009 11:28 AM 
Blogger Dan Kristie said...

From Chester County Rants' response:

"you will see we post rants from everyone"

"I can assure you any rants we do, we do not take from you or the Daily Local, we have never, ever, used your articles. These are sent in by many others, if we would use anything from your blog, we would leave a link to read full article."

OK, so let me get this straight. You won't plagiarize me, but you don't mind if your contributors do?

October 5, 2009 10:54 AM 

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