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Monday, December 7, 2009

Costello out of 6th District GOP Nomination contest

Just several minutes ago, Ryan Costello, our Recorder of Deeds, announced that he will withdraw from the crowded 6th District Republican Primary.

I have to interview Pat Toomey in five minutes. After I'm done, Imma call Costello and ask why. (By the way, I beat Dan Hirschhorn on this scoop. Take that, Dan.)

Here's Costello's statement:

Today, I am withdrawing my candidacy for Congress.

I want to thank the committee people and donors who have supported my candidacy over the past several months. I intend on remaining active in Republican politics and public service.

While I believe I would have made a strong and respectable showing during the endorsement process, and would have been able to present myself as a strong standard-bearer for the Republican Party in the general election, at this point I have determined that it is not in the cards for me for the 2010 election cycle.

It is crucial to our State and Country that the 6th Congressional District remains in the Republican column, and I will enthusiastically support the Republican candidate who wins the 2010 primary. Thank you.



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