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Monday, March 1, 2010


Reading the online comments people leave under our articles makes me sad about life.

Give people anonymity, a keyboard, and a place to post comments, and they turn into middle school students. And/or, they become really paranoid.

Take, for example, the 94 comments that, as of Monday at 3:30 p.m., had been left under my Feb. 25 article on local tea party activists.

The commenters start off discussing the article, sort of. Soon, they're attacking each other, with no regard for the article. Then, they start attacking one commentor for comments [she?] left under a Feb. 9 article on the Downingtown West janitor who allegedly sexually assaulted a 15-year-old student.

Now, I wrote that 94 comments had been left under the tea party article. That doesn't mean 94 people commented: The comments were left by only 27 commenters. "Dobbydo" left a whopping 26 comments.

In six of these comments, Dobbydo claims that several of the other commenters are really one person, and that that person's motive is to spread filth about the Tea Party Movement:

"Ummm, okay but if you are going to keep changing your name, in a vain attempt to disguise your tinfoil hat and anti CIA Antenna, wouldn't it be more effective if you learned to spell your favorite word correctly?"

"Shear insanity from people from one person with several different names. Get some sleep dude."

"I love all the names and how you mirror each other Doyle, Aristotle....Also nice how you choose to be filthy in your comments about the Tea Party folks. Keep talking amongst yourself."

"No, we really are not on the same side. You are just one of several screen names used by one obviously troubled person. I have expressed no opinion, I would rather see the uncivil filth being posted stops. It is too bad the DLN allows their site to be used this way."

"LOL, see I knew you could not resist, good thing you have all those different names to rely on. No one gets it is really you...Shhhhhh, I won't tell."