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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The most interesting thing to happen in Paoli since the whole place was rezoned?

I've asked several of the women in my life what they thought about Theresa Atkins' exploits.

They responded: "Good for her!"

Atkins, the wife of Chester County's Emergency Services Director, was recently arrested in a Center City hotel room for offering certain services to an undercover police man.

The odd thing, other than the fact that she's the wife of a well-respected Chesco official, is that Atkins is 49. The other women arrested in the same Philly police department sting were in their 20s.

Also unusual is that Atkins advertised herself as a well-read, well-traveled, sophisticated companion who, for a moderate fee, would spend a couple of adventuresome hours with you.

Atkins, my female friends said, proved that older women can still be desirable. They said that Atkins is yet another woman who's disproved the Hollywood-driven preconception that men only want dumb, young, skinny girls.

That's interesting, but it's even more interesting to think about what life was like in the Atkins' Paoli home. Unfortunately, there's little we'll be able to find out, unless Thresa or her husband feels compelled to give one of the DLN reporters a tell-all interview.

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