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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Oh, no! My streets are covered in ice!

For the last week, all I've heard is West Chester borough residents kvetching about the icy, snowy matter that still covers some of their streets.

I sympathize, to an extent.

But what bothers me is this - it seems that some readers believe it is my job to assure the entire West Chester Public Works department gets fired.

These readers believe the following: West Chester's roads should be completely clear; there should be no snow in site; residual snow is evidence of the public works department's absolute incompetence.

Meanwhile borough officials tell me that, in West Chester, there is nowhere to plow snow to. Unless you haul it out of the borough, it remains on the side of - or in the middle of - the road, they tell me.

Philadelphia has these nifty "melt trucks." The trucks lift snow into a boiler, which is on the back of the truck. The boiler melts the snow. Problem solved, or greatly reduced.

Except that boiler trucks are really expensive. Philadelphia only uses them on Center City's most vital roads, I believe.

Do West Chester residents want to pay for a bunch of melt trucks?

[OK, OK, I know, y'all feel like you're paying so much in taxes that the borough should already have used your money to buy, like, ten of them. Whatever. It's not my job to make sure your public works officials get fired.]

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