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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Drug Survey Results

As promised, here are the results of the 2007 youth drug survey. They show that West Chester Area School District students drink more alcohol and smoke less marijuana than students in Pennsylvania at large. They also contain data about the drug habits of students across Chester County.

Here's a powerpoint presentation West Chester Communities That Care gave to a group of WCASD parents on Wednesday night. It provides a nice synopsis of the findings. drug%20presentation.ppt

And here's a much more detailed version of the report: survey%20results.pdf

I remember taking this survey in high school. It's voluntary, and taking it gets you out of a good hour of class, so my friends and I found it quite fun. Although I filled it out honestly, several of my friends felt like being creative. For example, my friend Alex reported that he was a 19 year old gang member who did crystal meth every day and carried a club to school. He wasn't.

Interestingly, seven percent of the surveys are thrown out, because of exaggerations or inconsistencies.

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