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Monday, May 4, 2009


The rumors are true.

The Flyers are interested in the services of goalie Ray Emery. Yeah, the same guy who fights with his teammates, gets in trouble with the law because of road rage, and chased a team doctor down a hallway to beat him up.

He'd fit in real nice here. Yikes.

Paul Holmgren told that Emery is one of the options the Flyers are considering in goal and was quoted as saying, "If he gets his head on straight he's a good goalie."

Fine, but my question is, why run that risk?

Marty Biron is far more reliable, and the two are probably on par talent-wise. The funny thing is, the Flyers said they wouldn't touch Sean Avery with a 10-foot pole, but his antics are far from as detrimental as Emery's have been to a locker room.

What's the difference?

I don't know.

I spoke to a source within the Flyers' organization today who said there is real interest, but they want to make sure Emery understands his disruptions will not be tolerated.

Also, contract talks would be interesting.

Emery made $2 million playing this year in Russia in the KHL. He will probably command at least that if he comes back. Of course, that's still $1.5 million cheaper than Biron, so the Flyers can save money there.

But, it's still a very big risk. One I wouldn't want to take.


In other news... Randy Jones will have another exploratory procedure in his right hip to see what's wrong now. His recovery time will depend on what's found and if anything needs to be repaired.

Also, Darroll Powe will rest his hip another 2-3 weeks before considering surgery.

Both players flew to Tennessee to meet with Dr. Thomas Byrd, noted hip specialist.


Blogger Simon said...

Are you joking? i might not watch a flyers game at all next season. year after year, we're plagued by goaltending problems.

we need a prove winner, not a proven head case.

J.S. Giguere please. Hiller has all but Giggys fate in ANA. Giggy has to be expendable!

May 5, 2009 9:53 AM 

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