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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Rise and Shine --- Bad money

Good Morning and welcome to the final lap before the end of the year!

It's kind of interesting that we are bailing out banks, bailing out Wall Street, bailing out the auto industry, but we aren't bailing out the exact place where a slow economy is being felt the most. We are not bailing out all of us.
Those who have thrown away millions on bad ideas and investments are getting a clean slate, meanwhile more and more of us are getting laid off. We are falling behind on bill payments. We are scaling down everything from food to travel.
Not that any of us are looking for a handout, but, hey, how about a little over here. The only way to get the economy back on its feet is to put the money in the hands of those who can actually use it.
Give me a million and I'll buy a new car. If everybody purchased a new American car with some bailout money, the auto industry would be saved. If we took that bailout money to the department stores, retail would be saved. Those retailers would then be able to advertise, which would save newspapers. If we got some bailout money and paid off the credit cards, the banks would be saved. If we grabbed some cash and traveled to New York City (or wherever), the hotel industry would be saved.
So, giving the money to those who would use it would be a win-win situation.
Of course, that would make too much sense. So, we keep throwing money on bad ideas, to bad people.
Then again, that doesn't get anybody elected, so our government will keep doing what they are doing. We will keep losing jobs, houses, cars.
Welcome to the cycle:

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