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Monday, June 9, 2008

Album Review

The Danger-Os
Nineteen Ninety Four

Purple Press

I discovered something interesting when listening to the Danger-O’s new album, Nineteen Ninety Four: I had forgotten how good “good alternative” could sound. Labeling a band like the Danger-O’s as punk or alternative is like Bob Ross painting with a roller brush, too broad to be of any use.
I’m willing to bet that more than one member of the band is a fan of Jane’s Addiction.
With guitar parts that are not just tacked to the bass line and drum work that goes beyond simply being a syncopated dance beat, the album avoids many of the sonic failings that many bands in the indie scene fall victim to.
With songs like “Something Like Sunday” and “Mum’s the Word” the band has achieved something that appears to be near impossible in music today. They have blended all the different influences that informed their style and have created the “Danger-O’s” sound. Well done, guys.


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