Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Fourth Song Of Christmas

Some gifts take a bit more time to bear their fruit. Wham's "Last Christmas," for instance. When Jimmy Eat World polished this tune off with a more jarring and heartfelt (and danceable!) delivery a few years back, it became an instant favorite for anyone who wanted to hear something new for the holidays besides the same ol' Bing, Mathis, Frank, and The King. But it also reached out to those of us reeling from a bad breakup at the time of year when everyone is together and giving and loving and caroling, which is typically where scrooges and grinches come from. While most Christmas songs say "give, give, give, be merry, and love," this one says "take back what's yours." Then wrap it up for someone else. That's pretty much what Jimmy Eat World did with this song. And just think--eco friendly fanatics will dig your recycling habits too! Everyone wins.

MP3: Jimmy Eat World - Last Christmas
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