Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Best album cover of the summer? Oh, baby.

Uh, YES! I'd say this wins my "Best Album Cover o' the Summer" award. I'm still deciding on how I feel about this new remix of the best hip-hop song of all time (don't even try to argue with me, it is), but Dan The Automator remains one of the slickest, hippest dj's in hip hop. As far as this indie lovin, gangsta rap-hatin white boy is concerned, at least.

Of course, the one thing that may be better than this cover is the accompanying Evian commercial. What roller-skatin' babies has to do with spring water is still out for jury.

I never learned it in any marketing classes, but I think it's been proven pretty obvious over the years that few things get attention as much as babies.

Whatever, though. Sweet campaign here with some sweet music.

What I find flabbergastingly remarkable, however, is that these babies in 2009 know how to use a tried-and-true old school boombox. No iPods here yo!



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