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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

'Lube Jobs' book includes 'maintenance sex' coupons

PORTLAND, Ore. - Authors Don and Debra Macleod have published a new sex manual tailored to the tensions of today's hectic life. "Lube Jobs: A Woman's Guide to Great Maintenance Sex" is essentially lighthearted but addresses sensitive issues that are taboo in many minds.
A marriage, like a car, needs maintenance, an occasional jump-start, they said, which inspired the title, sort of. They drew on their experiences and those of others to maintain or fire up a normal relationship strung out by dual jobs, churlish bosses, the kids, financial obligations and more.
A bottom line, said Debra Macleod, who has English and law degrees, is that "most women don't appreciate how important sex is to men" and that it needn't be complicated, although it can be your choice.
The book offers a variety of "maintenance sex coupons" that can be left discreetly to break the ice and are redeemable for ... well ... A few blank coupons are included for anything that might be forgotten, which isn't much.
There are times, the authors say, when you know your car needs full maintenance but there is no time to get it done. So settle for 10 minutes at a drive-through lube station.
The 20 "lube jobs" described in the book, the authors say, "are a great way to provide maintenance sex. They keep your man satisfied during those times you'd prefer to pass on the passion."
The appeal of parts of "Lube Jobs" will not be universal. But for couples who want to get things back on track, there are endless detailed suggestions, the Macleods say. Take your pick: Morning? Nighttime? In the shower? Under the table? In a parked car.


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