Thursday, November 26, 2009

Same revenue in 2010 even with tax cuts?

City Manager Harry Walker is proposing a real estate tax break in 2010. He also believes the city can bring in the same amount of revenue.

Do you think this is possible?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I pray that Harry just leaves stuff alone. He has done enough damage to our city.

People can get a home appraisal and have their real estate taxes dropped that way. Property value drops with every day that he is City Manager. That also affects the surrounding communities values.

Coatesville is a trash pit with a bunch of no-caring, no-action people. Just let it die a dignified death if you dont want to do anything positive to help. I have never seen Harry, or the other council members out on patrol with that angels group (which is the only one I still see out there) making the city safer. I have even heard that council dont want a townwatch. I am not section 8, I am a homeowner, and I feel as though I have been ripped off. Council is all talk. Get out there and DO something to make our town what we need it to be- and THAT cannot be done from your office, and the message relayed through your "spokeswoman" (whom I feel VERY sorry for).

November 28, 2009 7:49 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know I was with you until you got the third paragraph buddy. Coatesville is NOT a bunch of of no caring no action people. We have a group of people that don't want the town to get better whereas we have a lot of people (who btw showed up in record numbers to vote for change in an off election year). I love people like you who have the whole world figured out and bash a whole City of people for the acts of a few. There is no reason to let it Coatesville die. Instead what you need is to get the pieces of City Hall that are causing the problem out. I don't care if Council is out with the Guardian Angels or doing community work. What I care is that they get our City pointed in the right direction. I didn't vote the new people in to pick up trash or being community agents of the people I voted the new people in for change.
Just a suggestion don't generalize everyone in Coatesville as one way or the other. There are over 11,000 people in this City and many of us do in one way or another try to make a difference. Lead by example influence others and make City Hall accountable. That's how you make a difference.

November 30, 2009 3:21 AM 
Anonymous Coatesville Angel 2 said...

I also agree with the top two paragraphs of the first comment.

NOW, on the third, I have to SOMEWHAT agree. Not ALL people of Coatesville are trash and uncaring. I am am one of the 8 people who currently TRY to make a difference in Coatesville. We make weekly patrols of Coatesville. By all means, if more people cared, though, why not help us out? This is OUR town, and if you want to be safe in it, GIVE US A HAND!

As far as the second comment, I AM a Guardian Angel. NO ONE from city hall has EVER patrolled with us, nor have they shown any support for us. One of 8 in a city of OVER 11,000 (check for MORE statistics). GIVE ME A BREAK! If more people cared, then more people would have a better standard of living. I DID vote, and I am glad OTHERS voted. but MORE needs to be done, and SOON! We have a town overrun with people who could care less about our city or it's laws. If you have enough time and energy to complain about ANYTHING or want to prove that you DO CARE, get out and HELP US!

December 1, 2009 10:08 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok fast forward to January 2010 and Harry Walker is getting his Walking papers!!! I say good ridence to bad rubbish! I truly believe with all I know and all I have met in the new city council there will be changes a coming !!
Dare I say Bye bye to Chetty and hello to an Acme!??

January 12, 2010 2:39 PM 

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