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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Some thoughts from our Republican delegates

Here are a couple of thoughts from our Chester County delegates to the Republican Convention. These were emailed to me today but didn't fit into today's article.

From James McErlane, the high powered West Chester lawyer who serves on the Republican Convention's Platform Committee (the committee that authored the 2008 Republican Platform):

"Ohio, which carried for Bush, is right in front of podium. PA, which didn't carry for Bush, but has 21 electoral votes, is right behind... Location carries a huge message. PA is the largest state considered "in play," and OH is right behind w/ 20 electoral votes. If PA and OH go for McCain, McCain is next President."

From County Commissioner Carol Aichele:

"Two points to consider:

"1. Is a male candidate with five kids asked, 'Who is going to take care of the kids?'

"2. From G. Ferraro: a man at a Hillary event held a sign that said, "Iron my shirt." No member of the press reported it. If a man at an Obama event had a sign that said, 'Shine my shoes,' it would have been on every front page in America."


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