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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

New Coke!

Today, the Democratic National Committee has issued a response to my Dec. 8 article on my Dec. 7 interview with Toomey.

I'll quote only the headline and the first two paragraphs:

Pat Toomey's Moderate Makeover: Worst Rebranding Since 'New Coke'

DNC Regional Press Secretary Michael Czin issued the following statement in response to Representative Toomey labeling himself a "moderate" and "center-right republican" in today’s West Chester Daily Local News :

“Pat Toomey’s recent makeover is the worst rebranding effort since “new Coke.” After shilling for Wall Street and the Bush Administration as a member of Congress, Pat Toomey is now desperate to hide from his record and rebrand himself as a moderate. Simply saying you’re moderate doesn’t make it so.

The Pennsylvania Democratic Party also put together a response (a lengthy one) to my article.

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