Thursday, November 20, 2008

Other Times --- Nov. 20

110 YEARS AGO – 1898
Chester police were amused and Sgt. Meeth was rousted out of a deep slumber by a man from Marcus Hook who appeared at the police station and wanted to know if police had any knowledge of a lost boy who was somewhat out of sorts. The man said his son had not been home that night and it was the first time this happened. Sgt. Meeth asked for a description of the lad. His father said the lost child was 28 years old and the sergeant nearly dropped to the floor. He promised, however, to send the “old kid’’ home if he was found by police.Some of the clerks in retail stores in Chester want the Business Men’s Association to tackle the subject of real importance, namely shorter work hours. One clerk said he begins work at 6 a.m. Saturday and is in the store until 11 p.m. at night. For this he says he receives 9 cents an hour. The business association has decided to look at the situation.
75 YEARS AGO – 1933
Dr. Charles A. Ernst of Ridley Park has been named the new administrator of Federal Works in Delaware County.Frank Tollin, the Chester furniture merchant, has gone to St. Petersburg, Fla., for the winter. His store remains open during his absence.
50 YEARS AGO – 1958
An impromptu dance session participated in by about 30 juveniles was broken up by Chester police in a store at 1811 W. 3rd St. The jukebox was going full blast when Patrolmen Vincent Boles and Richard Vincent entered the store that was operated by Edward Jones. They said he did not have a proper license.An old-time minstrel show was presented at the Parkside Firehouse by members of the fire company and its auxiliary. Endmen for the show were John Ford Jr., Jacob Fry, Al McVey, Donald Gray, Francis Ryan and Milt Howett.Vincent A. Tancredi, a clerk at the Chester Post Office, showed off the new 25-cent U.S. Savings Stamps that are for sale. The new issue marks the first major change in design of such stamps since 1942.
25 YEARS AGO – 1983
A 31-year-old man was arrested and charged with three separate theft incidents involving Holy Cross Cemetery, Yeadon. Police said he was charged with taking a radio from a cemetery truck and taking some items from a mausoleum at the cemetery.A 19-year-old Upper Darby youth was arrested for assault and underage drinking when he allegedly threw a beer bottle at a security guard outside the Primos YMCA in the township.
10 YEARS AGO – 1998
The Springfield School Board is considering expanding its no-smoking policy to include who will not be allowed to smoke in school or on school grounds.
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