Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Other Times --- Nov. 4

110 YEARS AGO -- 1898
David Jackson, of the Ninth Ward, Chester, who has been spending the past two years in Alaska, has returned to his home. He was not burdened with gold dust or nuggets. He speaks of the hardships and discomforts in Alaska and says he will stay home in Chester.Some time ago a barge loaded with coal sank in the creek near the coal wharves of the Eddystone Manufacturing Co. The barge contained about 260 tons of coal. Capt. Williams has been engaged to get the coal out of the creek.
75 YEARS AGO – 1933
Two Swarthmore borough policemen admitted to borough council that they were guilty of having taken a bribe of three sacks of liquor from the driver of a rum truck to allow the truck to pass through the borough unmolested after they had stopped it. Borough official said they will investigate the matter before they come to a decision on any disciplinary action.
50 YEARS AGO – 1958
Patricia Ann Petrikin, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Petrikin of Blackthorne Road, Wallingford, was given a surprise shower by Mrs. Thomas Lynch and Mrs. Arthur Cardwell. Miss Petrikin is to wed 2nd Lt. John Donald Humphreys Jr. of Garden City this month.Chester Patrolman William Hamilton 30, of 611 Norris St., broke a toe in his right foot when he stumbled getting into a police cruiser. He was treated at Chester Hospital.A burglar who broke into the Food Fair on West Ninth St., Chester, escaped with cigarettes, meat and ladies stockings but did not go near a safe in the office. Walter Howie of Brookhaven, manager of the store, said the robbery was discovered by Joseph Cudd and Joseph Damer, both of Upland, both store employees.
25 YEARS AGO – 1983
Stephen King has been elected president of the Northley Junior High School Band in Aston. Amy Maroney is vice president and James Vershinski is student conductor.Five Delaware County men, all members of Local 542 of the International Union of Operating Engineers, have been cleared of mail fraud in connection with charges they pocketed $9,000 earmarked for their unemployed brothers in the union. A federal jury decided their fate.
10 YEARS AGO – 1998
Bruce Edward Costa of Prospect Park graduated with a bachelor of science degree from the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science. He is an Interboro High School graduate.
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