Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Other Times --- Nov. 25

110 YEARS AGO – 1998
The cadets of the Pennsylvania Military College in Chester, who entered the school in September and are thus considered “new men,’’ were given a formal reception and introduced to the young female friends of the college and a delightful social event was the result. Col. Hyatt gave the cadets a special serving of refreshments. Many of the boys have received holiday boxes from home, which they opened and shared with friends.Owing to a scarcity of funds, the Aston School Board has decided not to have any night school classes this winter.
75 YEARS AGO – 1933
The Master Plumbers Association of Media had its second annual banquet at the Charter House in Media. A turkey dinner was served. Among those present were O. C. Eachus, Albert Long, Francis Kane, M. V. Dunbar, Edward Ford, William M. Smith, Earl Suter and John Luglio.Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hurd and their son, Peter Hurd Jr. of Chadds Ford, have arrived in Roswell, N.M., where they will remain for the winter months.
50 YEARS AGO – 1958
Frank Strickler and Frank Strickler Jr. of Seminole Street, Lester, celebrated their birthday anniversaries at their home.Marcus Hook School Board has approved the use of stannous fluoride on pupils. Dental hygienist Mrs. Grace Grunwell is giving treatments to pupils in Marcus Hook and Linwood elementary schools.Hastings Chevrolet in Linwood is selling a 1950 Plymouth, two-door sedan for $50.The 40-hour work week is official for Chester police officers. Mayor Eyre approved the schedule that cut hours from 44 to 40 hours a week.
25 YEARS AGO – 1983
A Philadelphia man was arrested while trying to break into a traffic-control box in Millbourne.A young Aston motorist lost control of his pickup truck and landed against the front of a house near his home on Bunting Lane. He was charged with drunken driving. The occupants of the house were awakened by the crash but were not injured.
10 YEARS AGO – 1998
The former president of the Woodlyn Fire Co., Ridley Township, pleaded guilty to charges he bilked an estimated $50,000 from the volunteer organization to feed his drug and alcohol addiction.
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