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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Schiano teleconference

Here's what Greg Schiano had to say on today's teleconference.

On how the Knights came out of the game health-wise: The guys are sore. Obviously George and Pete. Mike Gilmartin got banged up a little bit and he was able to come back and play. Greeney got an ankle and he was able to come back and play. I’m sure we’ll be sore tonight.

On the offensive line: I don’t give it a pass. We need to be able to play the five guys, whoever the five are. They were doing some things defensively that like I said last night, sometimes I think we would have checked out of a play and run something and we didn’t do that, we tried to run it right into the teeth of the blitz and see if we could. Sometimes it did (work) and sometimes it didn’t but we need to become more consistent in how the offensive line how we hold that block. When you have a blitz and you have a blitzer in the backfield we need to be able to turn that blitzer away and we didn’t do that several times.

On the running game: I think just what I said: that was mostly the reason for it. We didn’t stay on some of our blocks. I didn’t think our fullbacks, our tight ends did not block the way they’re capable of blocking. Morgan state did some things that are not easy to handle, but its your man, you need to block him.

On first three opponents: I thought they were good teams when we played them but I don’t ever think much about that. It’s in the past. What we need to know is where we failed to get the job done in those games and the reason for that, and try to get it corrected. That’s what we’ve been trying to do. It’s a work in progress every day.

On how running backs ran: thought we had a couple of plays that we just flat-out couldn’t make because we didn’t run them. It’s hard though with running backs. You start questioning a running back’s eyes than he starts questioning them. After the fact when you teach you try to present what we want them to do next time.

On the play of wideout Tim Brown: Well I thought the fact that he got to play, he’s played a little more each game. The fact that he made an extraordinary catch, obviously that continues to boost his confidence. Tims a guy who we’d like to get more and more involved in the offense.

On how ready the team is for West Virginia: We have a long way to go. There’s no doubt about that. But I think that’s how most coaches feel right about now. You had your first three or four or five games. This is where you sart to define your season.

On whether or not West Virginia QB Pat White’s thumb injury makes preparation difficult because White may not play: I think they’re both athletic quarterbacks. Pat White is certainly one of the premier players in the country. But we saw the backup quarterback two years ago and he’s a fine player. We know him well, we recruited him out of high school. They’re a very talented football team and a very talented offense as well.

On Courtney Green’s late hit in the second half: It was a tough one. I know part of the rationale is that it was away from the play, but it’s hard to tell if the whistle was blown and I’m not sure if the whistle was blown. We all teach our kids to play one way: you play through the whistle and whether you’re away from the play or you’re not away from the play, you play through the whistle because if you’re away from the play and you’re watching you might get hurt. I can see where somebody might say that’s away from the play, why’s he doing it? But that’s on us because we tell our guys you have to play through it.

On whether defensive pass interference should have been called on Chris Paul-Etienne’s fourth-quarter interception: I’m not going to get into that. You can watch the tv replay and figure it out. I think its very hard; one of the things I like about how our officials are doing things now is, if you need a tv and a remote control to determine if it was a defensive pass interference, than you know what? We’re asking those guys to do too much with the naked eye because if you have to slow it down to figure out if it was simultaneous contact or if there was contact before the ball got there … so I’m in agreement with the philosophy that we’re playing with in this league that it’s got to be a DPI to be called a DPI.

On Kordell Young’s status: He’s made improvement each week so im hoping that one of these weeks coming up he’s going to be ready to go because he ads another dimention to our running game.

On the status of Pete Tverdov and George Johnson: Those two guys I’m sure are going to be sore tonight. They were sore after the game. But they’re going to be sore. But I think they’re going to be able to go next week but tonight I would question if they were going to be able to go.

On whether or not it’s a new season with the start of Big East play next week: I know this sounds like coach speak but every game is a new season, every game is its own season, and that’s the way we approach it. We play 12 one game seasons. The previous week has nothing to do with the current week and the week after this has very little to do with it. You only play 12 games, every game is its own season.

.. Everything is a product of your experiences. Im not saying that’s the case. But you try to limit that. You try to teach the players not to go there because other than the experiences you learn from, you want to drop all that stuff because otherwise it creates clutter in the mind. As a player, you think this is why it happened last time, and then they apply a different scheme and they employ a different coverage scheme, and if its all running together then its dangerous. As coaches you need to make it very clear what they need to take from the previous games and what they need to learn from those games and everything else you have to flush it.

On the importance of turnovers in a game like next week’s: That is critical. That is the game of football. You need possession to score points. There’s only one way you can score points without a possession and that’s a safety so just the football is the number one thing. That’s the name of the game literally and its also the name of the game figuratively because you have to have the ball and when you turn it over whether it be an interception or a fumble it has more of an effect than just you don’t have the ball anymore. It has a mental effect, it has an effect on crowd involvement. I think that’s where it gets you on the road. You get the home crowd going on a turnover and it just boosts the momentum even more. That’s a key moment in the game.

On Mike Teel’s performance: I think Mike, in the Navy game I thought Mike really had a really good mentality up until the very end when he got frustrated. This game I thought he kept that mentality and really played the way we’d like him to play so hopefully he can feel good about that but again the only thing that’s going to matter is if he comes out with that same approach against west Virginia but there is some human element that carries forward, some good feelings and bad. The procress is what we’d like to carry over and that’s what we’ll try to really emphasize.


Anonymous Sarah P. said...

I had a ticket and now I'm sorry I didn't show up, but the season has been so bad I have kind of given up. It was great to hear that Rutgers finally pushed someone around for a change. And how about that Mike Teel? It 's super that he finally performed well.

September 28, 2008 8:55 PM 
Anonymous Sarah P. said...

I had a ticket and now I'm sorry I didn't show up, but the season has been so bad I have kind of given up. It was great to hear that Rutgers finally pushed someone around for a change. And how about that Mike Teel? It 's super that he finally performed well.

September 28, 2008 8:56 PM 

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