Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Other Times --- Dec. 10

110 YEARS AGO – 1898
A goat and two dogs had a fierce fight at 21st and Edgmont, Chester, and the goat came out on top.A Chester undertaker says that if all the undertakers in the city speak their sentiments they will favor the efforts of the preachers to abolish the Sunday funeral. As a rule, the undertaker has no Sunday to relax. His work week is every day.A shoot at live birds took place at the Leipverville Hotel between H.H. Jackson and Fred Marsden. The shoot was for a purse of $50 and Jackson was the winner.
75 YEARS AGO – 1933
Chester Patrolmen Talbot and Megonigle arrested a man at Third and Edgmont after they had to apply the emergency brake to keep from hitting him when he staggered from the sidewalk into the street. The man was placed in the back seat of the patrol car and he stretched out on the seat. He remarked to the officers, “OK offishurs, go ahead, I’m all right now.’’ Magistrate Michael Honan discharged the man from the city jail the next morning.Pennsylvania Liquor licenses require a surety bond and Sweeney & Clyde of Chester has these bonds available immediately at its office on East Fifth Street.
50 YEARS AGO – 1958
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lindenberg of Essington marked their 30th wedding anniversary.Roland Ferry has been elected as the new president of the Linwood Fire Co.Joanne Garalski and Gerald Piscotty were awarded the best performers trophy at the annual Accordion Band recital at the Bert Piscotty studio in Brookhaven.William H. Milliken Jr. resigned as Sharon Hill burgess with his election to Congress. The new burgess is Gerald B. McCoy.
25 YEARS AGO – 1983
Physicians at Metropolitan Hospital in Springfield have adopted the controversial Pritikin Diet as a part of its nutritional therapy. Pritikin is 68 years old and his diet promotes carbohydrates over protein. Metropolitan Hospital is the only hospital in the nation to sponsor the diet as a hospital program, said PritikinThe Delaware County Child Guidance and Mental Health Clinics are seeking about 100 broken bicycles and mini bikes that will be used in a school program as part of its mechanical aptitude training.
10 YEARS AGO – 1998
Springfield police are looking for the Grinch and his not-so-merry band of vandals who have damaged more than a dozen holiday displays outside homes in the township.
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