Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Other Times --- Dec. 16

110 YEARS AGO – 1898
The barbershops in Chester will remain open a half day on Monday. An effort was made to have the shops close all day but the barbers could not be induced to pull together on the plan.The “Off Night Social Club’’ of Upper Providence had a get-together at the home of Charles Plotts. Three new members are being considered for membership and the next meeting will be at the home of Hugh Wilkins.

75 YEARS AGO – 1933
The Combined Veterans Association in Chester had a dance at the Armory, Eighth and Sproul streets, with proceeds going to a Christmas party for poor children in the city. A 16-piece orchestra was provided by the Chester Musicians Association for the dance.George’s Beer Garden at Jacobs Corner in Milmont Park, Ridley Township, is having a free old-time barn dance tonight. There will be prizes awarded and there is safe parking.

50 YEARS AGO – 1958
George T. Raymond was re-elected president of the Chester NAACP.An American Red Cross volunteer and three Girl Scouts packed cookies that will be distributed on Christmas Eve to veterans at area vet hospitals. Mrs. George Dyson, canteen chairman of the Chester Branch, American Red Cross, supervised the packing of 400 pounds of cookies baked by the Girl Scouts. Assisting her with the packing were Isabel Newlin, 13; Linda Davis, 12, and Patricia Barnard, 9, all of Chester and all Girl Scouts.New Navy recruiters in Chester are Chief John H. McKee, 36, and GM 1.C. Raymond McGlennon. Their office is in the Chester U. S. Post Office.
25 YEARS AGO – 1983
Linwood United Methodist Church is presenting a holiday musical drama at the church on Chichester Avenue. Upper Providence is distributing free federal surplus food at the township building on Providence Road.
10 YEARS AGO – 1998
A Folcroft man may be alive only because he knows the sound of a rifle being loaded. Police said the man heard his neighbor loading a rifle and called police. The man was arrested and admitted to police he had fired a shot though the door of his neighbor after a dispute with him. The man was being held at the county prison.
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