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Monday, December 31, 2007


I have had a couple of replies to my posts in which I have been "Hannitized." I appreciate the feedback in knowing that someone has been checking out my blog. I was just wondering if the poster or anyone else could explain to me the meaning of being "hannitized." I know it has some reference to that knot-head on the Faux News Channel Sean Hannity but I was wondering if I could get a little clarity.

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NFL Playoffs

Finally it is playoff time and every other team in the NFC East except for the Eagles will be playing for a shot at the 2007 NFL Champions title. There are some great storylines that are involved in this years playoff hunt and I wanted to see what other people feel is their favorite storyline or possible scenarios?

A) Perfect Patriots - Patriots finish off perfect season with fourth Super Bowl championship win.

B) The Comeback Kid – Brett Favre (38) retires after leading Packers to 13-3 season and Super Bowl win.

C) Brothers in Arms - Peyton and Eli face off in Arizona for Super Bowl glory

D) Pay Day for Peyton - Peyton leads Colts to second straight Super Bowl title.

E) Skins Win For Taylor - Joe Gibbs wins his fourth Super Bowl title and dedicates this season in memory to fallen Redskins player Sean Taylor.

F) Jessica Simpson plays half time show at Super Bowl....Cowboys trampled 75-0. T.O. and Romo carted off field with injuries.

G) Shag-uars - NFL's least popular team wins Super Bowl.

Also who do you think will win the Super Bowl this year?

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The Winner For Worst Parking Lots Ever Is…

Maybe it is just me but it does not matter what time of the day you go into one but the parking lots at Wawa are the worst trying to navigate in and out of. I am surprised that there aren't more accidents at every intersection where there is a Wawa. Don't get me wrong..I love me some Wawa but people drive liked crazed animals pulling into the Wawa parking lots. People I know they have good food and all but give me a break. I think that the worst Wawa lot of all is the Wawa on North Wales Road where the road forks at Beaver Street. EEEKS!!! I don't understand how it doesn't matter which Wawa you go to the parking lots are nuts to get in an out of, but that doesn't keep me from going back.

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