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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Volunteer's sought for Guardianship Program

The Chester County Orphans’ Court appoints guardians for people who need help in making decisions about their daily lives. The guardian is responsible for protecting the person under guardianship (called a Ward), to manage any funds the person may have, and to arrange for care which will adequately provide for the Ward’s well being. The purpose of the Court Volunteer Program is to give the Court a way to obtain current information about Wards and to verify that each is receiving good care.
The Court Visitor goes to the Ward's residence, observes conditions and talks with the Ward about his or her needs.
The Court Visitor will also speak to the guardian and to any other caregivers. Visitors need good communication skill, friendliness and common sense, objectivity and an ability to maintain confidentiality.
Training covers the guardianship process, wards' rights, communicating with wards that may have communication difficulties and what to look for on visits.
A volunteer should be able to give about a half a day per week. Volunteers are also needed to update information from Court files.
Training for new volunteers will be held on March 22. Please call Jean Gardner at 610-344-6074 for an application and more information.


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