Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I'm back, and with Christmas music!

I could make excuses about why this blog has gone so unloved by me this past half year. And you could say things, and I could say things, and it could get really ugly pretty quickly about how awful we've been to one another. But the point is this: I'm blogging now for the first time in months and I come with 3-jam packed mixes of excellent holiday music. Oh, stop, it's the least I could do.

Truth be told though, I make these holiday mixes each year for my family and friends. I figure you deserve 'em too. Go ahead, dig in! You can download the full mix at each link as a zip file. Check the comments for tracklistings!

Merry Little Chrismakkuh Mixacle 2009

Merry Little Chrismakkuh Mixacle 2008

Merry Little Chrismakkuh Mixacle 2007

And lemme tell ya, my head is whirring with all types of 'the decade is coming to end - quick, let's reflect on it all through the eyes of music, movies, and Paris Hilton.' Let's get through Christmas first, but expect some entertaining diatribing from this blog next week. I'm back!



Blogger Chris said...

Chrismakkuh Mixacle 2009
1. Oasis - Merry Christmas Everybody (since this is sung by Noel Gallagher, I've been referring to this as the FIRST NOEL.)
2. Butch Walker & Taryn Manning - Christmas All Over Again
3. Julian Casablancas - I Wish It Was Christmas Today (rad cover of the 2nd best SNL holiday song ever)
4. Gary Glitter - Another Rock N' Roll Christmas
5. Solomon Burke - Presents on Christmas
6. Middle Distance Runner - Xmas Party
7. Fall Out Boy - What's This?! (Nightmare Before Christmas! yes!)
8. Aretha Franklin - Joy To The World (dude, no one can do this song like momma Aretha. crap)
9. Bobby Lloyd & The Skeletons - Do You Hear What I Hear / You Really Got Me (brilliant mash up of a holiday classic, and The Kinks)
10. Stevie Wonder - What Christmas Means To Me
11. Charles Brown - Christmas Blues (the bluesman, not the Peanut)
12. The Sonics - Santa Clause (I'm gonna dedicate this one to Allie. For no reason other than it's bad ass).
13. The Killers - ¬°Happy Birthday Guadalupe! (the line "put your feet up baby, it's Christmas time" wins)
14. Valencia - Pennsylvania Holiday (best song alert! this is, by far, my favorite song this year. put it on here for my family.)
15. Calexico - Gift X-Change (don't know about you, but every time I listen to Calexico I picture him performing by a fireplace. So naturally, he belongs on a Christmas mix.)
16. Dr. John - Silent John (such a warm, giddy version of this song. love it.)
17. Otis Redding - White Christmas (God bless Otis Redding. If you got that special someone, now is the time to slowdance by the fire and/or tree.)
18. MxPx - Auld Lang Syne (gonna send this one out to all my punk rock friends, because it's so fisting good.
19. The Very Most - Away In A Manger (so jubilant.)
20. Glasvegas - A Snowflake Fell (And It Felt Like A Kiss) (for all you emos out there)
21. Austrian Death Machine - Jingle Bells (Dedicated to Rachael, Stefan, and anyone with the last name Reber)
22. The Carpenters - Home For the Holidays (for my brother, who goes to school in Tennessee and comes back to PA for pumpkin pie. A natural fit.)
23. The meaning of Christmas, according to Linus
24. Shawn Colvin - Christmastime Is Here (speaking of Charlie Brown, we'll just lead in that awesome song)
25. Sam Cooke - Christmas Means Love (apparently I forgot this was on the mixacle in 2007. but it's good enough to make an encore, so i'll live).
26. Hem - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (indeed.)

December 23, 2009 4:59 PM 
Blogger Chris said...

Chrismakkuh Mixacle 2008
1. Daniel Johnson - Christmas Music (one of my favs)
2. My Morning Jacket - Santa Clause Is Back In Town
3. Billy Idol - Yellin At The Christmas Tree
4. Keith Richard - Run Rudolph Run (you won't hear a better version of this song)
5. billy squire - christmas is a time to say I love you
6. dr john - merry christmas baby
7. the hives vs. cyndi lauper - a christmas duel (i am still ridiculously in love with this song)
8. the spiraling - do you hear what i hear (cause I hear The Who's 'baba oriley') (two words- epic)
9. dustin kensrue - fairytale of new york (this Pogues song is not just one of my favorite xmas songs, it's one of my favorite all time songs, period)
10. lightning hopkins - santa
11. dandy warhols - little drummer boy
12. raveonettes - baby please come home
13. mae - carol of the bells
14. staple singers - who took the merry out of christmas
15. low - just like christmas
16. the honorary title - city on christmas
17. morphine - sexy christmas baby mine (dig that brass!)
18. belle & sebastian - christmastime is here (the more i think about it, a belle & sebastian album is like a indie teenage version of Peanuts.)
19. ernie halter - the first noel
20. temptations - silent night
21. my morning jacket - o holy night (the 'gotta take my shoes off' bit is why i love jim james)
22. dexter gordon - the christmas song (now THAT'S christmas)

December 23, 2009 5:00 PM 
Blogger Chris said...

Chrismakkuh Mixacle 2007
1. Kevin Devine - Splitting Up Christmas (to all my friends, to all my family!)
2. The Kinks - Father Christmas
3. Beach Boys - Little Saint Nick
4. bonnie raitt & charles brown - merry christmas, baby ('feeling mighty fine, got good music on my radio)
5. sex pistols - punk rock christmas (still have trouble understanding why sex pistols have a xmas song, but whatever, it's good.)
6. long winters - sometimes you have to work on christmas (i waited tables on xmas eve when the year i made this mix)
7. jimmy eat world - last xmas (the classic!)
8. coldplay - 2000 miles (pretenders cover. so good)
9. elliott smith - angel in the snow (was pining for this girl who was super into mr. smith that year)
10. ron sexsmith - i still attest that this is one of the warmest, prettiest xmas songs ever written.
11. damien rice - happy christmas (war is over) (this xmas tune is probably one of the most covered, but this is the only one besides the original worth your tinsel)
12. white stripes - candy cane children
13. ben folds - lonely xmas eve
14. the killers - don't shoot me santa (i love their xmas songs, and this one is the best)
15. jimmy eat world - 12.23.95 (heart)
16. over the rhine - all i ever get for christmas is blue
17. as tall as lions - it's only christmas
18. ben folds - bizarre christmas incident
19. sam cooke - christmas means love
20. feist - lo, how a rose e're blooming (mmm, such a beautiful song)
21. vince guaraldi - christmas time is here (with vocals)
22. as tall as lions - o holy night (and they nailed it.)
23. coldplay - have yourself a merry little christmas (you really can't do better than this version of this song on christmas eve)
24. alexi murdoch - silent night

December 23, 2009 5:00 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Middle Distance Runner also wrote a new holiday song this year!

December 24, 2009 9:24 AM 

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