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Monday, November 26, 2007

Redskins Safety Shot

My thoughts and prayers go out to Redskins safety Sean Taylor.

Here is yet another example of why we need stricter gun control laws in the U.S.

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Way of the Gun

At what point do we all as Americans stand up and say enough is enough and demand more stringent gun control policies. How many more school shootings are required before guns become unpopular? How high does the murder rate in Philadelphia have to climb before people change their thoughts on guns? How many more innocent bystanders have to get caught in the crossfire? I understand that we have “The Right to Bear Arms”, but how many more people have to die as a result of gun violence before we as a society act.

This morning I woke up and was watching the news as they recapped yet another school shooting. This time the shooting was in Cleveland and a 14 year-old boy shot 4 people and then took his own life. As I was watching the coverage on Fox 29 of this story BREAKING NEWS came in. The broadcaster broke in with details that today a 14-year-old boy in Plymouth-Whitemarsh Township had his house raided after police discovered his plans to mimic a “Columbine Style” attack. From what the news coverage had to say, the police discovered a nine-millimeter assault rifle, numerous air guns, and a quantity of black explosive powder. In addition, members of the bomb squad discovered four hand grenades (one was operational, three were under construction). The boy was home schooled but had previously attended the school he was planning on attacking. He apparently was removed from the school because he had been bullied.

How are the kids in the country getting their hands on all these guns? Are the parents of these kids simply leaving guns carelessly leaving guns lying around the house? I thought we had laws and safe checks to prevent guns from getting into the hands of the wrong people. In the wake of yet another school shooting, are more and more parents starting to live in fear that their children may not make it home one day because somebody with a vendetta is going to walk into school and open fire. It is a sad sight to see so many peoples lives ruined because of our fascination with the power of wielding a gun. I feel it is time for our lawmakers to act in what is in the best interest of the country.

I am having a hard time at pinpointing how guns are beneficial to society? I guess some people take old guns and make them into lamps but other than that I can’t think of any true benefits to guns.

I almost forgot the one real upside side to guns, they do help as attractive decorative pieces. Think of how out of style people would be without gun racks. Could you imagine trying to “Pimp” your ride without a gun rack. Another way they help spruce up your crib is when you get all those little creatures stuffed and mounted you shot. There is no better decorative piece than having a quail mounted on your wall as if it is flying off, or a deer head above the fireplace or even an animal stuffed and mounted as if it is attacking.

Why are people so quick to defend guns? One popular rebuttal to more gun control laws is “Guns don’t kill, bullets do.” Maybe we should then ban bullets. Would that decrease the amount of gun violence we have in this country? My other personal favorite is “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people” and to that I say, and the preferred weapon of killing people is…that’s right it is the gun.

I am curious as to why President Bush allowed the assault weapon ban to lapse (NRA). I could not seem to come up with a definitive answer (NRA). Why would you need a weapon that sprays 50 rounds a minute to go deer hunting (NRA)? If you can’t shoot a deer with a shotgun or by using a bow & arrow, maybe it is time to consider a new hobby. Then it hit me, who was probably a major contributor to President Bush’s campaign in 2000 and his re-election campaign in 2004, The National Rifle Association. Those lobbyists, they only think about what’s best for the country, not a way to increase their own profits. Guns that shoot that fast are a good thing. I think we should even the playing field for “Man versus Deer” and all go out hunting with AK-47’s. You know how those deer are packing heat themselves.


This link I have provided show a list of worldwide school shootings from 1996 to the Virginia Tech shooting on April 16, 2007. I am truly astonished at the number of innocent teachers and students who have died as a result of getting an education.


I know people have varying opinions on guns, gun control and gun laws. I am sure the people who act responsibly will feel as if they are being punished if there are stricter rules and policies in place. The real question to that becomes how do you decrease the amount of gun violence without toughening gun laws?

Let me also clarify that I am not advocating taking away guns from people who are trained on proper use of a firearm like our military personnel, law enforcement officials, etc. I want to keep guns out of the hands of people who should not posses them. (Drug dealers, people with mental illness, 14-year-old kids, etc)

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