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Monday, February 11, 2008

More Proof Fox News Sucks!

How bad is Faux News you ask, well let's ask the front running Democrats in the Presidential race Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and.......uhhh, wait, I'm sorry, that can't be right... John McCain.

Woops, that must have been a simple typo.

Wait a minute it happened again.
Maybe Senator Lamar Alexander needs to update his website. He seems to be listed all over it as a member of the Republican party.

Oh no....it seems to have happened again!

Wow Senator Sheldon Whitehouse is a registered Democrat and former US Senator Lincoln Chafee is a registered Republican.

And again! Mark Foley....you guessed it. Not a Democrat. Yep, a registered Republican.

And again with Mark Foley not listed on-screen as a Republican but as a Democrat.

And oddly enough, Mark Foley, is still not a Republican...again!

I guess I should be screaming "Don't Fox on me" at this point but would you expect higher standards from a "news" organization that puts the likes of real American heroes on the air like: Mark Fuhrman (SEE O.J. TRIAL), Oliver North (SEE IRAN-CONTRA AFFAIR) and Karl Rove (SEE CURRENT ADMINISTRATION FOR LIST OF SCANDALS).

The only TV these scum bags should be on is America's Most Wanted.

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