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Friday, February 27, 2009


In preparation for the District One Swimming Championships this weekend, John Lohn does a great job analyzing the talk of the swimming world - the LZR Racer, the latest in swimwear technology.

The swimsuit, seen here on Michael Phelps, gained global attention at the Beijing Olympics last summer. According to Lohn's story (in Friday's Daily Times), the suit can help shave four-tenths of a second for every 50 yards swum.

How does it work?

The suit is more buoyant than most, making swimmers feel like they are floating. And it is designed to put all swimmers in perfect form.

Though the LZR Racer is not outlawed, it is viewed by some purists as a form of "technological doping." For as little as $400, an average swimmer can gain an unfair advantage in the pool.

One corked bat changed the way people viewed slugger Sammy Sosa. Steroid use has altered how baseball fans view the game forever. Who knows how these suits will change public perception of swimming.

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