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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I'm voting Republican!

This is a funny spoof on why you should vote Republican.

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Monday, November 26, 2007

Rudy has decided to do a complete about-face now that he is a tag team partner of Pat Robertson. I only think it is appropriate to call Rudy the flip-flopper that he now truly is.
It was 1989 and Kelli Conlin remembers her excitement as a member of Mayor-elect Rudy Giuliani's transition team.

"It's always exciting to have a new mayor coming in but this was a moderate Republican and moderate Republicans are hard to find," Conlin said in an interview at her New York office.
Conlin is president of New York's largest abortion rights organization and was appointed by Giuliani to the city's Human Rights Commission. She still calls Giuliani a friend, but bristles at much of what she hears from him on abortion lately.

For example, a staple Giuliani campaign line is: "I would appoint judges that are strict constructionists."

"It is code for judges who will overturn Roe v. Wade," says Conlin.
As mayor, Giuliani personally signed a proclamation designating "Roe v. Wade Anniversary Day" on the 25th anniversary of the landmark abortion rights ruling.

Now, as a presidential candidate, Giuliani has said, "I'm against abortion -- I hate it."

Conlin said she never heard anything like that when Giuliani was in office.

"He never seemed to have a struggle with the issue as mayor," she said.

Way to go Rudy. It is nice to watch you and McCain sell yourself like hookers up for auction. I guess what comes in and out of your mouth is decided by the highest bidder.
Who needs standards and values when you are running to win the Republican primary.

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