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Ah, blogging. Here's my little corner of it all -- in West Chester, and well, from wherever on whatever. I'll let you know what I'm thinking and you can let me know what you're thinking. But remember, I can delete your posts.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Music+Photography = A Lot of Fun

Click the photo for more info.

Monday, December 15, 2008


I've dropped the ball in posting here recently. Oh well, so here's something I meant to put up last week.

Parking authorities, here and in Philadelphia get bad wraps. And possibly well deserved (the PPA I can attest to personal, here in WC, not so much). But I wanted to run in and grab coffee at Fenarrio's and didn't have a quarter for the meter. Usually not a big deal, as I'm in and out quick. But there happened to be a borough parking official walking up the street. Need a quarter I thought.

So I walked up to her, explained what I was doing and that I didn't have any quarters. The nice lady reached in her pocket and gave me on of her own. I'd guess that whomever got my spot also got to take advantage of that quarter as well. So thanks to her.