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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I've been really bad with this for a lot of reasons. But I got this today and figured, alright, that'll get me started.

Philadelphia Producer Launches Non-Profit, Weathervane Music

PHILADELPHIA, PA March 31, 2009 Philadelphia record producer and recording studio owner Brian McTear announces Weathervane Music, a non-profit organization that sets out to improve the state of music in our culture, and bolster the career potential of great independent musicians in the process.

Weathervane Music, under the guidance of its Fiscal Sponsor, PositiveSpace, is working to achieve these goals by annually awarding great independent musicians the opportunity to produce recordings in a quality studio with a professional production staff, and the chance to be the primary focus of a series of video projects covering the artists, recording sessions, and studio process, all produced for the web.

Weathervane exists to produce and promote great works in independent music. The industry is surely becoming less and less effective for artists, which all but ensures shorter, less productive careers for even the best of the best,” says McTear. “Every one of us, music fans and musicians alike, needs to step up and support great music and the people who make the music. Weathervane hopes to lead this effort by providing great opportunity and exposure for its artists, and by providing new ways for music fans to support the making of great music directly, year in and year out.

“At the same time, we’ll expand the general public’s knowledge and awareness of the recording process and a musician’s vision for his or her music as it comes alive in the studio. We will build a great educational resource for amateur and professional recording enthusiasts by maintaining a detailed music and video archive of the recording sessions.”

Co-founder Bill Robertson is a Bethlehem native and high school friend of McTear. Says Robertson, “We hope that over time an invitation to participate in Weathervane’s annual music program will be a prestigious honor, and that our efforts will invigorate and transform these artists’ careers and lives. Further, we hope to clear the path for independent musicians to benefit from non-profit resources for the arts, as well as from grant-making foundations, private patrons, etc. It’s an idea whose time has come.”

Weathervane will announce its first projects on Thursday April 2, 2009.

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Monday, March 9, 2009

Creating a scene is hard work. And I don't really like hard work.