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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Note

I haven't been going to too many shows lately...laziness, lack of bands I wanted to see, drunk at home...lots of reasons. But here lately, I've seen a few that I was glad I went to. And I saw em at the note. It's nice having a place you can walk to to catch a band. I had a buddy who had a venue like it that was like 87 steps from his apartment. So I counted when they first opened...I stopped after 200. But whatever, it's still within walking distance.

But anyway, I caught Spacehog which was terribly hilarious. As I've said to some friends, after awhile I wished it was either Supergrass who I saw years ago open for the Foo Fighters at the Electric Factory or Blur who I would love to get to see but I don't think it's going to happen.

Then I got to caught East Hundred. Thank you Philly bands for coming out to West Chester.

Tonight I'm trying to go see The Sky Drops whom I've mentioned on here before.

Point is, it's nice having a venue in town....having a place that's not just another bar and a place that has a great deal of local, smaller acts. Hopefully I'll bother to go see them too.