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Thursday, March 25, 2010

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This Blog

I've been terrible for months with this for a whole host of reasons too boring to list. But I need to be better and I'm going to try. It's kind of like a New Year's resolution almost 3 months later.

Right now I'm waiting to interview Robert Levon Been of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. They rule -- you should know it. New album is out and hasn't left the CD player in my car (yes, I don't have an iPod hookup -- CDs sound better) and you should buy it.

More on this and what led up to it later. See, I'm leaving more to discuss in the thought I'll actually do it.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Note

I haven't been going to too many shows lately...laziness, lack of bands I wanted to see, drunk at home...lots of reasons. But here lately, I've seen a few that I was glad I went to. And I saw em at the note. It's nice having a place you can walk to to catch a band. I had a buddy who had a venue like it that was like 87 steps from his apartment. So I counted when they first opened...I stopped after 200. But whatever, it's still within walking distance.

But anyway, I caught Spacehog which was terribly hilarious. As I've said to some friends, after awhile I wished it was either Supergrass who I saw years ago open for the Foo Fighters at the Electric Factory or Blur who I would love to get to see but I don't think it's going to happen.

Then I got to caught East Hundred. Thank you Philly bands for coming out to West Chester.

Tonight I'm trying to go see The Sky Drops whom I've mentioned on here before.

Point is, it's nice having a venue in town....having a place that's not just another bar and a place that has a great deal of local, smaller acts. Hopefully I'll bother to go see them too.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

You Should

Probably Read This Because It's About The Sky Drops

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Best. Quotation. Ever

said last night: "don't be tardy to the party."

this might be an old one but it still gets a look (you know the look) when it's said out loud.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

People That Do This To Bands Should Be Shot




After performing a two-night stand in Philadelphia last night, rock trio MAE woke up to find their van and trailer stolen.

“This morning we woke up to find our van, trailer, all instruments, equipment and merchandise had been stolen from the hotel parking lot. This misfortune has fallen among many of our friends in the past and after touring for 8 years this sort of thing is bound to happen. We have four dates left on our tour and will play the shows with the help of our friends in Deas Vail and Jenny Owen Youngs. It's in these moments that our fans lift us up and remind us why we do what we do. We thank you for the immediate outpouring of love and support.”


Despite this curveball, the trio has rented a van to finish out the remaining dates of their U.S. tour, they are currently accepting fan donations for the loss.

Despite this curveball, the trio-- DAVE ELKINS (lead vocals/guitars), JACOB MARSHALL (drums) and ZACH GEHRING (guitar)-- have rented a van to finish out the remaining dates of their U.S. tour. The group is currently accepting fan donations for the loss. Fans can donate here: .


Headline Tour w/ Jenny Owen Youngs and Deas Vail supporting

Thu 11/5
Cambridge , MA The Middle East

Fri 11/6
New York , NY The Fillmore at Irving Plaza

Sat 11/7
S. Hackensack , NJ
School of

Sun 11/8
Washington, DC Black Cat

Sat 11/14 Metro
Mannila , Philippines Mall of Asia Concert Grounds

Tue 11/24
Tokyo , JP Club Quattro

Wed 11/25
Osaka , JP Club Quattro

Thu 11/26
Nagoya , JP Club Quattro

Sat 11/28
Honolulu, HI Pipeline Café

For MAE publicity, contact MSO:

Libby Coffey (818) 380-0400 ext. 224

Angela Villanueva (818) 380-0400 ext. 232

Bari Lieberman (Tour Press) (818) 380-0400 ext. 222

About MAE:

The alternative rock trio MAE just released (M)ORNING physically in stores late last month after selling-out a limited edition run on their tour earlier this spring. The enhanced disc is the first of three separate 8-song collections of music the band is releasing in 2009/10-- (M)ORNING , (A)FTERNOON , and (E)VENING --and includes a special DVD documentary which explains the evolution of the group’s “12 Songs, 12 Months, 1 Goal” campaign. The project evolved from digital to include physical releases via the band’s own imprint Cell Records which is now in partnership with Tooth & Nail for distribution.
MAE left Capitol Records to blaze their own trail and without limitations the band found a different way to do the two things they love most: creating music and helping others. They created “12 Songs, 12 Months, 1 Goal: Make a Difference,” and decided to release (M)ORNING , (A)FTERNOON , and (E)VENING as well as partner
with charitable and humanitarian organizations to make a direct and positive impact in the world. So far in 2009, MAE has raised $55,095.48 and has partnered with both DonorsChoose and Habitat For Humanity to distribute the funds.


Monday, October 26, 2009

From the Weathervane

Dr. Dog + Weathervane Music

Listen up, everyone! We are extremely excited to announce an amazing development for our November 12 Year End Concert-Fundraiser:

Recently Dr. Dog co-frontman and singer, Scott McMicken learned about Weathervane Music. To say the least, he was on board! Flash forward to this past weekend: on Friday and Saturday night, Dr. Dog allowed us to project the Weathervane Project Series videos both nights (SOLD OUT - 1800 people!) at their Philadelphia TLA shows. It was incredible. Both concerts were amazing, especially night two where they ordered pizza for the whole audience! (50 pizzas. That's "class".)

And now, in an attempt to help finish off our Kickstarter Fundraiser and kick off the November 12 Concert-Fundraiser with a bang, Scott has offered to play a special solo set of music BEFORE THE SHOW at an exclusive Pre-show VIP Party! The show will happen at an undisclosed location for special guests only. We've already sold 2. There's 18 SLOTS LEFT for this special offer, and it's ONLY GOOD UNTIL THIS SATURDAY! See below -

Deluxe VIP Party Package for November 12

$250 gets you:

1. 2 tickets to the Pre-Show VIP Party featuring Scott McMicken from Dr. Dog at 7pm (Location will be supplied with your package purchase).
2. 2 tickets to the First Annual Weathervane Music Year End Concert-Fundraiser at Johnny Brendas, featuring Sunset, East Hundred, Danielson and BC Camplight
3. 1 hand screened, Numbered/Limited Edition Commemorative Poster for the show (Pictured Above - these are in "pre-order" stage, so expect delivery before Christmas) signed by the artist, Mark Pernice, and the participating musicians on the bill

This offer is only good until OCTOBER 31, when our Kickstarter Campaign runs out! (That's 6 days from now!). Click the link below. Make a donation of $250, scroll down on the right for Backer Rewards and Select NOVEMBER 12, PRE-CONCERT VIP PARTY ADMISSION.

Here's that link:

We can't thank Scott McMicken and the whole Dr. Dog organization for everything they've done so far! They are the pride of Philadelphia music, and as an organization they show true class at every juncture.

Weathervane Music Info:
The Weathervane Occasional (email news list)

Weathervane Music
(Brian, Bill, Katonah and Josh)
Weathervane Website
Facebook Fan Page
PO Box 29498
Philadelphia PA, 19125