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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hard To Do

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

From My Inbox

Sometimes, a lot of times, I get press releases that are immediately deleted. This was funny enough to post in its entirety. My vote is for Ticketmonster.

The Worst Company in America

Bank of America, Comcast, Ticketmaster and AIG make

The Consumerist’s “Final Four”

New York , NY (May 4, 2009): It’s the bailouts versus the monopolies! “The Worst Company in
America ,” the annual 32-company battle royale from The Consumerist ( has whittled itself down to the “final four”: Bank of America, Comcast, Ticketmaster and AIG. One of these disastrous companies will go on to join Halliburton (2006), RIAA (2007) and Countrywide (2008) as “The Worst Company in
America .”

AIG and Ticketmaster face-off May 4 th, Bank of America and Comcast face-off May 5 th, the victors of those contests meet May 6 th, and then the “winner” is announced May 7 th.

The competition began with 32 companies separated into four brackets. Companies competed in head-to-head match ups and the winner of each match up was determined by the vote of Consumerist readers. The 32 companies included: AIG, Target, Peanut Corp of America, American Express, Walmart, HP, T-Mobile, Best Buy, Ticketmaster, TWC, Apple, United HealthCare, Verizon, Sprint, Home Depot, Citibank, Comcast,
DirecTV, US Airways, Capital One, General Motors, United Airlines, Sears, Chase, eBay/Paypal, GE, Dell, Chrysler, AT&T, Circuit City , Starbucks, and Bank of America.

“AIG and Bank of America paved their way to the final four with exorbitant executive compensation packages, reckless management, and tax payer bailouts. Ticketmaster and Comcast drew the ire of voters because they were viewed as monopolies that consumers were forced to deal with,” said Meghann Marco,

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